Importance of Application Processing in Study Abroad Program

What all services are covered in Application Filling? We would be filling the application form so that there are no errors. We would be guiding you on all the requirements so that you have enough time to collect all the required documents in the form needed by the schools. We would be following up with the schools on the status of your application and also keep you informed.

Once the universities have been shortlisted, we would be there, holding your hand, helping you apply. In fact, most of the work would be done by WWEC’s team, so that there is no chance of mistake. Yes, you would be participating in this process by overseeing and providing the right information and certificates – but then, you can rest assured, your application would be submitted on time, in the right format, so that your application is not rejected on account of some silly mistake.

We also help you follow up on the application while keeping you informed regularly on the status.

Why is this step important? This is because, for someone who is applying for the first time (and hopefully the last time), the whole process with multiple requirements is quite confusing. Further, the requirements can change from school to school.

Do you know: There are schools which insist on financial documents (proof of your ability to pay) during the application process itself, and a few others, insist on your sending these documents only later.

Similarly, there are schools which insist on WES Evaluation – terms which again would confuse someone like you, new to the application process.

Our assistance in this extends not just till you get the admission, but also to finalize the final school that you should go to – for you have to finally enroll is only one!

Basic steps involved

Following are the basic steps involved in application processing

Sl No. Steps Explanation
1 Identifying universities to apply This starts with the previous step of university selection, where you need to select a particular university according to your profile, interests, and budget
2 Get application forms from universities University application forms are usually available on the university website but might be released at different times for different universities
3 Take required standardized tests if not yet taken Some universities might accept GRE while others  might accept TOEFL or IELTS, so you need to take the standardized test required by the university
4 Prepare SOPs and LORs Universities usually rely on a Letter of recommendation from an authorized person under whom you have studied or worked.

Statement of purpose(SOPs) is a way of showing your interest in the university and how you are a good fit for the course

5 Fill application forms and arrange required documents Once you get the application form, you need to fill it up with all the required information about your academics, your nationality, and all other required fields
6 Send application forms and required documents to the university The next step is to send the online and offline copies of application forms and the required documents showing a proof
7 Report test scores to the university After you take the standardized test, you need to report it to the university to get the acceptance letter, if you have met their required standards


How can we help you?

Applications for different universities are timed at different periods, searching and inquiring about all these plethoras of timelines and keeping track of them is tremendously cumbersome. It becomes increasingly difficult without a proper system.

So we are there with you at every step of application processing with vast experience, advanced systems, and efficient people to help you and track your applications.